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These parties will begin with 1.5 hours of theme related activities that are age appropriate and designed for maximum fun!!  For parties at our studio, you will also have an additional hour in our party room for cake and presents!  BYO-snacks & drinks and we provide the entertainment!!  All packages include themed goody bags with science and art related items.  (No candy included, but you are welcome to add your own!

Arts Studio

Canvas Paint Studio

Your party guest will be guided by one of our talented instructors through the painting of your choice.  Explore color theory and brush techniques as you create your very own masterpiece to take home.  Choose your own colors, add personal details to make your own unique canvas! Choose from our Kids Portfolio or have a custom piece commissioned for $40.  ***Plan for up to 2 hours of activity time for Canvas Paint Studio pARTies.

Drawing Studio

The Birthday Boy/Girl will choose from our drawing portfolio and an instructor will demonstrate a step-by-step how to for all of your guests as they create their own masterpiece to take home.  Depending on your curriculum selection, your guests will get messy with a wide variety of artist quality supplies like markers, color pencils, oil pastels, chalk, watercolors and more! 

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Textile Fashion Studio

Choose from our textile projects including, Canvas Backbacks, Artist’s Aprons and T-Shirts to create your very own customized accessory!  Or, choose a yarn party, and build your own loom for weaving, learn weaving techniques and more!  Great for the DIY lovers!  Each guest will take home their own functional art piece as well as skills for future projects!

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Special FX Studio

Ages 8 & Up:   This pARTy is not for the faint of heart…learn to create bruises, lacerations and even make your own fake blood!  Guests will be able to engage in their own battle of Skin Wars!  Use our photo booth props to enhance your disguise to create amazing photos!  An instructor will lead your guests through the techniques and tricks of the pros using Special FX make up kits and face paints. 

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Sculpture Studio

This fun and exciting project pARTy features either Papier Mache or Clay sculpture. Your little artists will build their creation using techniques and supplies used by the greats!  Guests will take home a beautiful finished piece that you will love to display!

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Science Labs

Rocket Lab

Launch your party into the stratosphere! Play around with Newton’s Laws of Motion by racing balloon-powered vehicles. Then, streamline your very own rocket for maximum altitude, and test your design! Each child receives a rocket balloon and their own decorated rocket as party favors.

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Sweet Treats Lab

Create tasty treats by transforming energy and using chemical reactions to supercool your very own party refreshments.  Using the Science of Candy, party guests will experiment with sweet treats to understand the science involved in making popular candies and deserts.  No need to bring Ice Cream for your party guests because you will make your own!! 

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Chemical Reaction Lab

This Party Lab favorite features extreme and radical chemical reactions to demonstrate science concepts in a fun and exciting way!  Your guests will be WOW-ed as they learn about different chemicals and they can be used to generate heat and energy.  All of these experiments are EXPLODING with FUN!

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Robo-tek Lab

From engineering to programming, our Robo-tek Lab party covers it all!  Your guests will have blast working together to complete age appropriate builds and challenges using our fun filled Robotics platforms.  Using teamwork, guests work together to complete a working robot that incorporates motors, sensors, gears and pulleys to facilitate movement and sound.

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Ages 8 & Up:   Solve The Case of the Art Heist!  This science themed party package is the perfect for your little detectives!  The night before the Exhibition Opening, the priceless showcase painting has gone missing!!!  Your guests will use a series of tests to identify a mystery suspect in a “who-done-it?” style, criminal caper. The game is afoot, Sherlock!  Use techniques and equipment used by real crime scene technicians to recover the missing masterpiece from the Art a la Carte Gallery!

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BYO snacks and drinks while you socialize and create with your family and friends!  Perfect for Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Corporate Events or just a friendly gathering!

Paint Social

Each guest will create their very own masterpiece!  Choose from one of our holiday and seasonal portfolios, or have one of our talented artists customize a piece just for your group!  Click here to check out our Adult Painting Portfolio.

Paint Your Own Wine Glass

Allow your creative juices to flow while you make and take your own wine glass!  Choose your own patterns and colors to make a unique and collectable party favor!


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BYO-Snack & Spa Lab

Make and take your own d-i-y beauty products like bath bombs, face masks, lip balms and more!  Spend time catching up with your friends while pampering yourselves.   Experiment with natural ingredients and organic recipes that you can recreate on your own!  Perfect for Brides, Moms-to-be or just a girl’s night! 

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Corporate Parties & Team Building: Improve the quality of team relationships for your staff with one of our exciting party packages.  The fun and interactive nature of our parties encourages team bonding and relieves stress for your employees.  Each of our themes encourage creativity, fun and teamwork through hands on activities that require brainstorming and problem solving to complete the projects.  These events are perfect for employee/client appreciation, office parties and fundraisers.  Host the event at your office or at our East Cobb Studio.  Allow two hours for activities and one hour for food and socializing!

Paint Social

BYO snacks & drinks, socialize and create your very own masterpiece.  Choose from one of our Adult, holiday and seasonal portfolios, or have one of our talented artists customize a piece just for your group!  Click here to check out our Adult Painting Portfolio.

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Jigsaw Paint Parties

In this fun and interactive team building paint party, your guests will contribute a small section of a grand masterpiece.  Then, the team will assembly their paintings into the full picture to complete an awesome work of art!   Finally, a member of our staff will hang your completed artwork in your office for the employees to enjoy! Click here to check out the Jigsaw Portfolio.

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Robot Challenge

Work in teams to build and program a robot!  Compete against other teams to complete course challenges and missions for the robots. 

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All supplies included. The acrylic painting can take up to 2 hours to complete.  All other parties are targeted for 1 to 1.5 hrs.  An additional hour allotted in our studio for you to bring refreshments such as cake, snacks, and beverages.  We provide tables for you to set up your refreshment and gift area.  The studio will open 1/2 hour before your party to allow time for you to set up or decorate for the occasion.  Bring your Ipod or favorite cd’s and play your own music on our surround sound system.  The studio has a high definition flat screen TV and Blue-Ray player for your use. Please review our cancellation policy.

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Choose a painting from one of our portfolios, or you can request a custom painting.  Contact our office at 770-321-4078 for details and pricing for custom painting requests.