Murdock Elementary School

 Address: 2320 Murdock Rd, Marietta, GA 30062

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Program Details:

Fine Art Enrichment Classes

In Art a la Carte Kidz Class Students Will Explore ARTISTS | ART HISTORY | ARTISTIC STYLES & TECHNIQUES | CULTURAL INFLUENCES ON ART | THE VOCABULARY OF ART Mediums NEW this year! The Art a la Carte Paint Cart! Students will be given the...

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FUNdamental Science Enrichment Classes

Learning with Hands-On Activities! For years educators have stressed that students learn better “by doing” – especially in the sciences. Students of all ages learn more science-content and skills when they engage in investigation and discovery...

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Robotek Classes

Let’s Build a Robot! The fantastic, real world benefits of making and programming robots. In the STEAM club's Robotek program, students will be able to build robotic models featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and explore...

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